The discontinuation of the Acellus learning program is yet another obstacle that the students of Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) have faced while transitioning back into the school year. At the moment, students and teachers are expecting that online learning will be in place for the rest of this semester. Epidemiologists predict students in California may not be able to fully return to school campuses until late 2021.

Preservationist says vote down Measure Z this election

The claim that the Historical Advisory Board (HAB) and city zoning ordinances are sufficient to protect historic structures in Alameda is misleading. Although the HAB was created with Article 28 of the City Charter to “preserve and protect structures of historical significance,” its powers and duties reside in the Alameda Municipal code. These ordinances currently state that “any building that was constructed prior to 1942 shall not be demolished or removed without a certificate of approval issued by the HAB”.

Resident discusses viewpoint on issue of police brutality

A letter “Article 26 facts please” appeared in the Alameda Sun’s Aug. 27 edition. It was a good letter, and I’d sleep a lot better if the facts in the letter were so.

Before 1872, visitors found three independent towns — Alameda, Encinal and Woodstock — on the Alameda peninsula. William Worthington Chipman and Gideon Aughinbaugh, who purchased the peninsula from Don Antonio Peralta in 1851, laid out the town of Alameda with its heart near today’s Peach and Washington streets on the East End.