Equipped 4 Success Reimagined

Alameda Education Foundation &nbsp &nbsp Donations to the 2020 Alameda Education Foundation’s Equipped 4 Success program will also help teachers with mini-grants and resource materials.

Equipped 4 Success Reimagined

This year, Alameda Education Foundation’s (AEF) annual Equipped 4 Success drive will provide vital support in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and consider the needs of both students and teachers during this trying time.

“With Alameda students spending a significant amount of time learning from home this year, school will look quite different for both students and teachers. Friends and colleagues will be missed, anxieties will be heightened, and home internet access will no longer be optional,” said AEF Executive Director Vicki Sedlack.

“Even when classrooms are open once again, many things will change. Everyone will be wearing masks, everyone will need to social distance, and no one will be able to share anything.”

AEF is committed to making this year as successful as possible for our teachers and students and is asking for the community’s help. Key components of the campaign include school-supply kits to support distance learning, mini-grants and resource materials for teachers, mental health coordination for students and teachers and technology-access support.

Information on the campaign is available at www.AlamedaEducation.org. Donations may be made on the AEF website or mailed to AEF, P.O. Box 1363, Alameda, CA 94501.