Food Bank to Remain at Alameda Point

Courtesy Photo &nbsp&nbsp Volunteers load food into a car at the drive-through food bank.

Food Bank to Remain at Alameda Point

What was supposed to be a temporary relocation of the Alameda Food Bank (AFB) has moved its operations to its warehouse on Alameda Point is looking like a much longer-term arrangement.

When Alameda County issued a shelter-in-place order on March 16, AFB moved its distribution center from its trailer at Atlantic and Constitution to the larger warehouse on West Ranger Avenue on Alameda Point.

The move created a drive-through system that reduced contact between clients and created a safer environment for staff and volunteers.

The move went smoothly. she said, and AFB is now providing food to 10 times as many clients per day as it was a year ago — up from 800 in July 2019 to almost 8,000 in July 2020. AFB is planning additional changes to make the facility more efficient and comfortable. This includes converting a storage area into a covered space where volunteers can load food into clients’ car trunks during inclement weather.

The $80,000 cost of the renovation will be covered by a federal grant administered by the City of Alameda.