Golfers Compete in 44th Invitational

Golfers Compete in 44th Invitational

The Alameda Women’s Golf Club (AWGC) held its 44th annual Invitational Tournament Thursday, July 25 on the Jack Clark Course.

The tournament groups the players in teams of four. Players consist of AWGC members and guest. Thirty-six teams and 143 golfers competed in six flights in the tournament. All four players on a team played each hole, but the only the two best scores on a hole are counted toward the team score, while the other two scores are discarded.

The team of Sia Scates and guests Henna Cha, Sunny Pak and Janet Strong won the first flight — handicap of 63 to 84 — with a net 108. The group of Val Buschor, Kathy Nagakura and guests Wendy Ngay and Yuki Yamazaki finished second with a combined net 109. Dee Dee Appleton, Tracey Perkins and guests Laura Marinai and Cia Miraglia teamed up to finish third in the flight with a net 117.

The team of Tai Chewpanich, Janet Kirk and guests Terhilda Garrido and Sewon Han won a tiebreaker to win the second flight — handicap of 84 to 94. The team posted a net 115. They beat the team of Carole Evans and guests Veronica Brocklesby, Eunice Coffey and Stephanie Fleming in the tiebreaker. The group of Diana Millado, Pat O’Hara and guests Lily Boris and Judith Moran finished third with a net 120. 

The team of Ethel Lerche, Pat Newkirk, Cheryl Saxton and guest Lynn Jones won the third flight — handicap of 98 to 106 — with a net 112. The team of Jamie Totsubo and guests Peggy Minobe, Evelyn Ryozaki and Judy Tsuno finished second with a combined net 121. The team of Bernice Herzberg, Fran Mori and guests Caroline Kane and Irene Tekawa rounded out the top three in the flight with a net 122. 

Shirley Lee and guests Geralyne Gong, Aileen Kisaoka and Valerie Lee teamed up to win the fourth flight — handicap of 107 to 114 — with a combined net 113. The squad of Jean Cho, Yvonne Lee and guests Soon Gi Jang and Jenn Kim finished second with a net 116. Denise Gasti, Lynn Kobatake and guests Connie Bates and Renee Brown combined to shoot a net 117 for third place in the flight.

The squad of Ann Ching, Nora Solmoro and guests Kimiko Hiyoshi and Melynda Li won the fifth flight — handicap of 116 to 122 — with a net 104. The team of Pam Curtis and guests Edie Buna, Grace Harley and Lynn Harvey finished second with a net 114.

The team of Jan Peyrot, Yvette Whiteside and guests Denise Link and Janice Peterson won the sixth flight — handicap of 126 to 156 — with a net 112. Sonia Kwak, Kay Park, Susan Yoon and guest Wang Ja Wong finished second with a net 114.