Health Matters

Would you like to do something interesting? Place one hand on your abdomen below your belly button and the other hand on your chest right below your collarbones. Take a deep breath in, and let it out. Notice which hand(s) moved.

After a hospital stay, whethershort or long, people appreciate the value of sleeping in their own beds. As wonderful as that may sound, there are a few things to consider regarding transitioning from a hospital back into the home. For many seniors, this process can be complicated, depending on their circumstances.

In January, many of us are on diets. Some diets have three phases. Phase one is grim determination. Phase two is rationalization that one little bite, sip, taste, puff, etc. won’t hurt. Phase three is complete failure.

This year, try a good-vibe diet instead. The many benefits of good vibes, or positive thinking, have been empirically proven.

A good-vibe diet can make you — and everyone around you — feel better, both physically and mentally.