High Schoolers Received Yearbooks This Week

High Schoolers Received Yearbooks This Week

This week, high school students across the island received their yearbooks, a valuable keep sake of this historic year. Alameda High School (AHS) distributed its yearbooks last Monday, and Encinal High School (EHS) distributed yearbooks on Tuesday.

The school district didn’t open campuses until April 19. Despite this challenge, yearbook staff at both schools worked diligently all year to create publications their student bodies would be proud of.

“It feels amazing creating and finishing a yearbook, especially during distance learning,” said EHS senior and Horizon editor in-chief Rafael Arredondo. “I felt like an underdog. All the odds were against this yearbook being completed but with the help of a great staff and an amazing advisor the yearbook was possible.”

Often known for photography, the yearbooks are more than just a collection of photos. They serve as a document of a particular period of time that will last well beyond something that is published digitally.

“I feel accomplished. A lot of work and stress has gone into making this yearbook a history book for the class of 2021,” said AHS senior and Acorn editor-in chief Abbyrose Connor. “I hope everyone really enjoys looking back at this crazy year. It took a lot of love to make something so special.”

AHS published its 148th volume of Acorn EHS published its 66th volume of Horizon.