I Got an Awesome New Roommate

I Got an Awesome New Roommate

My West End article from a few weeks ago, “Webster Street, Resurrected” now seems suddenly and regrettably trivial and presumptuous. We’re back on lockdown. And we had a fatal shooting. 

The shooting at the convenience store on my corner will have been reported on by the dazzling Dennis Evanosky or the excellent Ekene Ikeme elsewhere here in the paper, so there’s no need for me to spend too much time on it. Until this past Saturday night, there really wasn’t much happening on the West End, unless you count the sadness at the end of days. So this week I’m going to keep it light here in response.

I got an awesome new roommate. Beautiful Brianna is very sweet and kind and I just wanted to take the time and use my modest little soapbox here to say welcome to the neighborhood, darling. You’re just what the house needed. You’re the best news to hit the West End in a while. The storm may not have parted, but you’re the rainbow we all need right now. This whole neighborhood needs a bunch of Briannas and now while we’re all going bananas. 

Now time for a shameless plug. Lene Norgo recently published a volume of prose, poetry, and miscellaneous musings of writers from Alameda — The Alameda Murmur. Your own wonderful Juan Cobo covers a comprehensive history of the never-before-heard absolutely true shocking story of the bizarre fascination held by the Purple One himself, Prince, about TV’s favorite cat-eating 80s alien, ALF. Bug Lene about the book at alamedamurmurmur@gmail.com and support fellow Alameda writers. Just five bucks a copy. It’s really good, Lene. Especially my Prince story. You’re being too modest. Congratulations. 

Special shout out this week to Roy and his mother for keeping it alive over at Otaez. 

I’m handing it off to the mythical Ms. Devilaqua for the moment to report on Neptune Beach…

“In the early days of shut down, the beach was so clean and beautiful. The water was clearer than I’ve ever seen it. The people were gone and the wildlife reclaimed their land. Since restrictions lifted a bit and people have tired of being inside, things have taken an ugly turn. Every Monday morning, I see sights that make my stomach turn. The beach is trashed, literally. Every garbage can is overflowing with trash, and then trash on top of that trash stacked up on more trash and trash next to that trash. It makes me mad and sad. We don’t deserve to be let out of our cages. We don’t deserve this island because we don’t respect it. It was so bad this particular Monday someone even threw a boat away.”

I would have included a shot of Maggie from Grocery Outlet, whom I am trying to make famous, so she can retire comfortably on another island somewhere warmer and farther away with less worries, but she doesn’t work on Mondays. Go say hi Wednesday through Sunday. Last checkout line to the door. 

Juan Cobo, West End resident, was recently diagnosed as being clinically fed up.