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Sky Brown: dancer, surfer, snowboarder and now Olympic skateboarder.

Skateboarder to make history...again

Jul 21,2021

The 2020 Summer Games begin tomorrow and about 11,000 athletes from over 200 countries will converge on the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. Sky Brown will be among the athletes at the opening ceremony of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad.

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Alameda Free Library: Events for Kids

Jul 14,2021

You may have noticed on Monday, July 12, the Alameda Free Library moved to Phase 4 of it’s reopening process. In this newest phase the library has removed browsing time limits and maximum inside capacity.

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Help Kids Grow

Jul 01,2021

Parents wonder about what to expect: when should their child begin to talk or walk? They wonder about behaviors like tantrums and showing affection. They want to know what it takes to build a strong foundation in the early years.

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Pinball Museum Flips It Back On

Jul 01,2021

Larry Freeman

Alameda’s world-class Pacific Pinball Museum (PPM) fired up its vintage games once more as the Bay Area reopens, and the long-dark bulbs of backglasses and playfields shine again, as the crisp sounds of flippers, bells, score reels and pop bumpers, fill the air.

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Graphic by Colin Close

Summer Activities: Beat the Heat

Jun 24,2021

In these dog days of summer when the mercury just keeps going and staying up, indoor activities begin to look better and better. Here are some ideas to beat the heat by staying indoors and still get those young brains engaged. But, don’t let your kids have all the fun.

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