Liberal Arts Facility Going up at College

Courtesy College of Alameda &nbsp&nbsp Above, an architect’s rendering of the College of Alameda’s new Liberal Arts Building’s lobby and gathering space. The building is currently under construction.

Liberal Arts Facility Going up at College

Alamedans may have noticed the construction underway at the College of Alameda campus near Webster Street and Atlantic Avenue. The college is currently constructing a new liberal arts building to serve its more than 6,000 students. The 53,000 square foot building, designed by architects Noll + Tam, and constructed by Design-Builder Overaa Construction, will cost an estimated $42.1 million dollars. 

The structure features a two-story wing and a three-story wing joined by an atrium, with 14 general classrooms, one computer classroom and instructional suites for art and apparel design and merchandising inside.

The facility will also host a café, art gallery, a gathering space, two deans and staff suites, 20 full-time faculty offices, a part-time faculty center and multiple meeting rooms.

The college is hosting a live stream of the construction on its website at

According to Overaa Construction, the new facility has been designed to attain a minimum of LEED Silver certification with energy efficient smart classrooms.