Local Graduate Proves It’s Never Too Late

Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp Vicki Newcomer celebrated achieving a lifelong goal with some flowers and a copy of the Alameda Sun.

Local Graduate Proves It’s Never Too Late

An artist living in Alameda for 15 years, Vicki Newcomer’s determination and resilience to achieve a lifetime goal came to fruition on Friday, May 25, when she graduated from Laney College. She raised her family and studied art for her own pleasure and development. 

“After many years of challenging herself to grow as an artist and student, she has finally received a diploma in ceramics,” stated her daughter Jennifer Gilbertson.

Her children celebrated their mother and her achievement with a graduation party. Newcomer’s story reminds us all that an education is not limited to just a piece of paper. It is a life well lived pursuing one’s dreams and leading others to do the same. 

Newcomer has shown her work at a gallery in Modesto and has a show scheduled this month at the Bancroft Garden Center, 1552 Bancroft Rd., Walnut Creek. 



Congratulations Mom! So proud of all you have achieved. You are amazing!