Martial Artists Clean Bay Farm Coast

Frank Nijenkamp &nbsp&nbsp Martial arts students including Francisco Ninjenkamp (left) and Marcus Dalander took the day to celebrate both Earth Day and their instructor’s birthday with a surprise beach cleanup April 22.

Martial Artists Clean Bay Farm Coast

Students at Alameda Martial Arts on Harbor Bay Parkway surprised their instructor, Erik Lee, with a beach cleanup for his 53rd birthday April 22, the same day as Earth Day.

Coach Lee is known for giving “life lessons” and his students know how much he dislikes litter.

Students arrived in time for class but before everyone bowed in, office manager Maria Young announced class was canceled as students jumped up to wish Coach Lee a happy birthday. Then everyone headed across Harbor Bay Parkway with trash bags to clean the coastline. In 15 minutes, 30 students filled five garbage bags. Of course, the requisite driftwood sticks were hauled out, too, because kids love driftwood sticks.

Afterwards, everyone returned to the dojo to wash their hands and enjoy LaVal’s pizza and cake from Feel Good Bakery.