Mia Bonta Takes Office

Elizabeth Power The Bonta family looks on as Mia Bonta takes the oath of office. Mia replaces her husband, Rob, far right in the California State Assembly after Rob became California Attorney General.

Mia Bonta Takes Office

Voters in California’s District 18 have elected former Alameda Unified School District President Mia Bonta to serve as their representative in the State Assembly.

According to the California Secretary of State’s office, Bonta defeated attorney Janani Ramachandran by a margin of 13.8 %: 56.9 to 43.1 percent.

After an eight-person race in June, Bonta and Ramachandran defeated the six other candidates.

Although Mia Bonta came out on top in the June primary, she did not garner more than 50% of the vote. Because she did not win with a majority vote, she faced Ramachandran in a special election that was held last month to determine who would succeed Mia’s husband, Rob.

Rob Bonta vacated the seat when Governor Gavin Newsom appointed him as California Attorney General.

Mia Bonta was sworn in on Tuesday, Sept. 7.