Motocross Championship Goes to Island Native, 13

Courtesy photos &nbsp&nbsp Above, Alamedan Cole Coker celebrates his recent victory.

Motocross Championship Goes to Island Native, 13

Alameda native Cole Coker won the Mini-Senior 13- to 14-year-old class race at the Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup at Grays Harbor Park in McClearly, Wash., on Aug. 16. It was the first championship for both Coker and his team, CP Racing. Coker, 13, beat out three other competitors to win the race. 

He led all the way through, completing the course in 2:04.394. He also took second place in the 12- to 15-year-old race challenge and fourth place in the 12- to 13-year-old class. After racing year-round since he was five, Coker described his championship as the high point in his career. 

Brian J Kenny: Cole, please tell us, how did the race go? 
Cole Coker: This was definitely the hardest fought race I’ve ever run. The races are usually five laps, this one was eight. It was a long race. The kid I beat was faster than me, but he got too aggressive. 

BJK: Is it easy to get too aggressive?
CC: Definitely, you try to run the straights hard, but you have to be careful on the turns, and you have to be in control on the jumps. I am a pretty cautious racer.

BJK: It sounds like it could be easy to get into trouble when you are trying to win. What is the trick? 

CC: The key for me is to win the whole shot: if I get the right position at the beginning of the race, I can block other racers’ lines. If I can block their lines, stay out front, and ride cleanly, I have a good shot to win. 

BJK: It sounds like you have to be patient and cautious and aggressive in equal parts.
CC: Yeah, and I had lost to this guy a few times before: he is a really good rider and he has won multiple championships. I got the hole shot: he was behind me for the first two laps and then he got too aggressive and wrecked. He caught up to me by the end of lap six but I was able hold him off by six bike lengths. 

After he fell, I had a good enough gap to ride comfortably. I was a little shaky because I knew I had a chance to win the championship. Every turn and rut felt like I was going to wreck. When you are jumping or turning you can see where the other racers are. I could feel him there on the last turn. When I crossed over the hump of the finish line, I was able to hold him off. I’ve won local championships but this one was pretty big.

BJK: After racing for eight years, what pushed you over the top?
CC: My parents have helped me so much, they gave me a great start as a racer. But my trainer at the MX Clinic has helped me perfect my technique over the past few years. He’s been great.

BJK: How are you preparing for the Supercross Futures?
CC: It will be my biggest race yet. I am going to keep working hard and I’m going to give it my all. I am really looking forward to it. 

Coker looks to participate in the Supercross Futures event at the Oakland Coliseum on Monday, Jan. 27, 2020.


Courtesy photos    Below, Coker leads on the racecourse