Music Cuts Protested

Music Cuts Protested

A newly created community group called Alameda Bands Together formed in April upon learning about a sudden two-thirds cut to the music program at Encinal High School for the next school year as well as the subsequent reassignment of its long-time music director to Alameda High School (AHS), which, in turn, would displace the AHS music director.

Parents and students from both high schools, as well as from all middle schools with current music programs, rallied immediately to save Encinal’s music program and protect AHS’ Mitchell White from being terminated.  

After many meetings with both principals and music directors, Superintendent Sean

McPhetridge and the Alameda Unified School District Board members, as well as participation in two prior School Board meetings, Alameda Bands Together devised a proposal to restore Encinal’s music classes as well as add another class based on student demand.

Led by a core group of Encinal parents, Alameda Bands Together presented its proposal at the board meeting Tuesday after press time. The group was expected to demand the board take immediate action to provide equal access to music education for students at both high schools, and beyond.  

Students from all middle and high schools were expected to conduct a “music” rally prior to the Board meeting, which was moved to Island High School due to a scheduling conflict.