Open Letter to Kamala Harris

Open Letter to Kamala Harris

Senator Harris:
I congratulate you on your selection as Joe Biden’s running mate for Vice President. My favorite choices included you, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Karen Bass, Georgia State Representative Stacy Abrams, and Sen. Cory Booker. During the presidential primary campaign, I strongly supported Sen. Bernie Sanders for President.

You bring to the Biden ticket a distinguished record in government and public service. Your personal rich heritage, raised by an Indian mother and a Jamaican father, represents the beautiful racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the people of this country.

Your becoming the Vice President will make history, and usher in a new era for our nation. It will lead to changes in who wields power in the halls of Congress, state legislatures, and city halls. I know that you will not only be our next Vice President, you will possibly be our President someday.

I appreciate your commitment to the ideals of constitutional and democratic values, your hard work on behalf of the American people, and your passion. I know that you will be a very effective and strong leader as Vice President and can shape the course and direction of our country and bring the necessary changes our nation and the American people are looking for.

I implore you to be mindful of these guiding moral principles and national priorities:

• As Vice President, you and President Biden will be circumspect in how you approach matters regarding how our nation conducts its foreign policy. Our country must not invade or wage war against another nation, as occurred when then Senator Biden voted to invade Iraq, a sovereign nation.
• The adoption of Universal Health Care for All Americans must be a national priority.
• The greatest existential crisis facing our nation and the international community is the Global Warming Crisis and Climate Change. Time is running out. We must protect and preserve our Earth and leave a habitable planet for our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations.
• Social Security and Medicare must be protected.
• Work for the 99 percent, the hard-working men and women of this country and their families.
• Do not be beholden to Wall Street, corporate interests, and the millionaires and billionaires. Your job is to fight for and protect the American people and their families, not to serve Wall Street.

Our nation must achieve racial equality, economic equality, employment opportunities and decent wages for all Americans, educational equality, social justice and social justice reform, and voters’ rights. That means eradicating suppression of voters’ rights wherever they now exist. The days of the Jim Crow era are long past. They are a dirty stain in our nation’s history.

I appreciated your brilliance and eloquence during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, as well as when you speak on the Senate floor.

• Senator Harris, please know that I and the majority of my fellow Americans will be with you and have your back as you campaign and fight for the American people.

As both you and Vice President Biden have stated, and as We The American People know so clearly already, this presidential election will be the battle to save the soul of our nation, to preserve our democracy and our nation, and to return to sanity in the governance of our nation.

I know that you will do great at the vice-presidential debate on Oct. 7. Mike Pence is no match for you. As usual, Pence will try to convey on TV an image of representing the folks of Middle America, an image of down-home simplicity and Midwestern goodness.

Finally, Senator Harris, I, along with my fellow Americans across this vast land, look forward to Nov. 3, when we will soon address you as Vice President Kamala Harris.

Anh Lê is an independent journalist.