Outstanding Eighth-Grade Student-Athletes Receive Jack Capon Awards

Courtesy AEF &nbsp&nbsp Bay Farm eighth graders Caedmon Serrano and Collin Ng proudly show off the Jack Capon awards they received from the Alameda Education Foundation.

Outstanding Eighth-Grade Student-Athletes Receive Jack Capon Awards

The annual Jack Capon awards are presented in honor of Jack Capon, a long-time Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) educator who specialized in physical education. Capon tirelessly advocated for physical fitness and movement. He founded the AUSD middle-school sports program and Alameda’s Special Olympics and wrote many books on movement. 

In his name and legacy, the Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) honors an eighth-grade girl and boy student-athlete from each middle school at the end of each school year with Jack Capon awards. Student-athletes are nominated for the Jack Capon Award by coaches and selected by AEF. Criteria include: sportsmanship, academic achievement and working as a caring, committed team member. 

The 2018-2019 honorees are: Caedmon Serrano and Collin Ng from Bay Farm, Aze’Jah Lovett and Robert Jenkins from Academy of Alameda, Jassoni Green and Yani Liu from the Alameda/Nea Community Learning Center combined team, Peyton Roloff and Isaac Lee from Encinal Jr. High, Patrick Bagget and Lauren Stockton from Lincoln Middle and Christine Cheung and Aiden Letson from Wood Middle.

The school district eliminated the middle school sports program many years ago, but AEF revived it in 2009. The AEF program includes volleyball, basketball and track & field for sixth- to eighth-graders who attend Alameda public middle schools. Students participate as part of school teams. AEF’s program includes not only sports but an academic tie-in to help prepare students for high school. Close to 700 student-athletes participate in the program every year.