Pinball Museum Flips It Back On

Pinball Museum Flips It Back On

Larry Freeman

Alameda’s world-class Pacific Pinball Museum (PPM) fired up its vintage games once more as the Bay Area reopens, and the long-dark bulbs of backglasses and playfields shine again, as the crisp sounds of flippers, bells, score reels and pop bumpers, fill the air.

As with so many businesses, PPM was shuttered for months and faced uncertainty about its survival, but “with the help of our donors and supporters we were able to make it through,” said PPM’s Program Manager, Chris Rummel. “We’ve had a huge outpouring of support.”

Visitors now get to challenge the 21 machines recently rotated in along with 70 or so old mainstays and can take in a new pinball art exhibit with fully playable games sporting Jerry Kelley and Christian Marche’s late 60’s modernist , pseudo-psychedelic backglasses and play tables of the 11 games comprising the show.

“It’s great to see the museum in full swing again,” said Rummel, while thanking the legions of visitors “who’ve been so positive and enthusiastic about our reopening.”

Interested members of the public can contact the museum online or call 510-769-1349.