Prayer Techniques For The Fearful

Prayer Techniques For The Fearful

Unity, a New Thought philosophy, celebrates its annual “World Day of Prayer” on September 9 and 10. The theme of this fear-filled yearís event is, quite aptly, “From fear to faith.”

Unity prayer differs from orthodox religion in that it does not involve beseeching a distant, mythical, imaginary God. Rather, it involves meditating on affirmations of ancient, powerful spiritual Truths. The foundational spiritual Truths are “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change” and “It is done unto you as you believe.” This year’s guiding affirmation is “Standing in truth, I move from fear to faith.”

A spiritual axiom states that “Fear is the purest form of atheism.” Unfortunately, that axiom paints atheism in a pejorative light. Conversely, atheism, as it rids world consciousness of the mythical anthropomorphic monster gods of the Abrahamic religions, does mankind a favor. It frees us to experience a real and tangible God, which is Awareness Itself. Awareness Itself is the “I AM” — the mystical name of God.

How does one stand in truth, and move from fear to faith? The Unity method of pondering affirmations of truth is a good way to start. Most spiritual affirmations will be quite challenging or preposterous to those indoctrinated with the prevailing dualistic human mindset of a universe of matter from which awareness is emergent. The spiritually awakened individual lives in an infinite field of awareness from which matter is emergent in the form of the mind. That infinite field of awareness is what the unawakened call their thousands of gods.

Thus, a fine “fear to faith” affirmation is “Awareness Itself (God) is mind is form.” Pondering this, the spiritually awakened individual deduces that form — the people, places and things we are aware of — are perfect concepts of Awareness Itself experienced in five senses and three dimensions by the mind. Because we share one awareness and one mind experienced as infinite individual levels of consciousness, the mind can be tainted by communal, impersonal and fearful human beliefs in death, disaster, discord, disease and disorder. It is up to us to stand on truth and reject those fearful beliefs, thus clearing and harmonizing our individual consciousness. Since consciousness is experience, we are then freed from discord and fear. We can do this only for ourselves — it is up to each individualization of conscious awareness to awaken on their own. Hence, dwelling on the misfortune of others is useless.

Knowing that others are the very presence of Awareness Itself is the greatest help you can give them. Plus, an illumined consciousness is contagious. The darkness of fear cannot exist in a consciousness illumined by Awareness Itself.

Advaita Vedanta teacher, Rupert Spira, wrote the following about the fear canceling effects of being aware of Awareness Itself:

“Our essential nature of inherently peaceful, unconditionally fulfilled awareness — which shines in each of our minds as the simple experience of being aware or the knowledge “I AM” — is equally present and available to all people, under all circumstances, in all situations and at all times.”

Another fear to faith affirmation is “I am perfect as Awareness Itself.” Awareness Itself can be thought of as a perfect self — aware of movie screens, which displays the projection of your consciousness by the mind. You are aware of the forms of the mind and interact with them, but you are always detached, knowing that they are simply appearances in your awareness. You appear to others in the same way. The greatest spiritual practice is abiding in a state of Awareness Itself being aware of Awareness Itself. Christian mystics call this “Practicing the presence of God.”
Awareness Itself can help end the fear of illness. Rupert Spira explains:

“Just as nothing happens to the screen when the character in a movie becomes sick, so nothing happens to awareness when the body falls ill. It is for this reason that to know one’s true nature of pure Awareness Itself is the ultimate healing. If one knows oneself as pure awareness, or the simple experience of being aware, one is always in perfect health.”

With despair, depression and suicide on the rise, this year's Unity World Day of Prayer is a godsend.

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