Rare Plant Displayed Downtown

Rare Plant Displayed Downtown

“Broomhilda” the amorphophallus titanum, commonly known as the corpse flower, drew gawkers near Alameda City Hall Monday afternoon and evening.

A rare plant from Sumatra — it only flowers every few years — often taking 7 to 10 before its first bloom. The plant, one of the largest flowers in the world, can smell like a dying corpse to attract pollinators — hence its common name.

It re-bloomed a mere three years after its last blooming according to owner and Alamedan, Solomon Nomolos.

He said he grows it in his greenhouse on the Island with other rare plants he collects. Since the bloom only lasts a day, and can start wilting in as little as 12 hours, he brought it out to put it on display for the town to see.

As evidenced by the crowd, word got around quickly.