Real Estate

California Market Minute

Jun 10,2021

A look at how real estate is faring across California

Courtesy California
Association of Realtors

The broader economy continues to improve and create a positive outlook for the remainder of the year.

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Above, the fruity flavor of Rose de Berne tomatoes like these make them favorites for sandwiches.

Choosing Tomato Varieties to Plant in Alameda

Feb 11,2021

As 2020 marked a resurgence in gardening, let 2021 be the year for upping one’s game. Now is an ideal time to think about what to plant in this year’s vegetable garden. First on the list: tomatoes!

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Courtesy photo.  A telltale sign of oak root fungus is a cluster of honey-colored mushrooms.

‘Tis the Season for Oak Root Fungus to Strike

Dec 20,2019

Alameda’s garden soil may be tops for cultivating and planting in, but it does have a significant drawback: it harbors oak root fungus Armillaria mellea. Do not confuse this with “sudden oak death” Phytopthora ramorum. 

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