Rename Jackson Park

Alameda Museum &nbsp&nbsp This colorized photograph likely depicts Alameda Park before it took on the name Jackson Park in 1909.

Rename Jackson Park

On July 21 the Alameda City Council voted unanimously to remove Andrew Jackson’s name from the park at Encinal and Park avenues. A Park Renaming Committee was formed and is now asking the Alameda community for name ideas.

The committee is seeking a park name that reflects inclusion, diversity and equity of the entire community of Alameda that represents social justice, human rights, and/or anti-racism.

If a person’s name is submitted, that person must be deceased. Submitted park names should be related to Alameda and/or the greater Bay Area.

If you have a name recommendation, please submit your suggestion to The deadline for all name submissions is Oct. 31.

This park was first named Alameda Park. In 1909, the city renamed it for Jackson. His name was removed because he personally enslaved hundreds of Africans and was the architect of the Indian Removal Act, which was passed in May 1830.

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