Results of the AWGC Fry Bros. Golf Tournament

Denise Gasti--The winners of the 92nd Earl Fry Tournament. (Left to right) Barbara Mickle, Beatrice Lebrec, Jeanne Yip and Cynthia Withrow.

Results of the AWGC Fry Bros. Golf Tournament

The Alameda Women’s Golf Club wrapped up the 92nd Annual Fry Tournament Thursday, May 19. The Fry Tournament is in a three-week match-play format competition with golfers divided into flights based on their handicap scores.

The match-play format is different from the regular scoring format. In match-play rules, two golfers compete head-to-head. Each hole is scored individually. Golfers who complete each hole in the fewest number of strokes wins the hole. The golfer who wins the most holes wins the match regardless of their overall score for the 18 holes.

After three rounds of play, Cynthia Withrow was the Flight A winner. She beat out Stephanie Bellato to earn the top spot. Jeanne Yip was the overall Flight B winner by beating out Alice Wong. Beatrice Lebrec won Flight C after round three. She beat out Sandi Kaney to earn the top spot. Lastly, Barbara Mickle won Flight D by beating out B. Kay Park.

The first round took place on May 5 and the second round took place on May 12. Winners of the first-round competitions that advanced to the second round included: Siv Richards, Mary Ellen Tong, Bellato, Park, Tracey Perkins, Wong, Angie Kim, Kaney, Denise Gasti, Sia Scates, Mickle, Lebrec, Withrow, Yip and Judy Eng.

In the second round, the winners from round one played against other winners and players in the losers’ bracket played other losers. The top two golfers from the winner’s bracket in each flight play for first and second place. Golfers who have lost a match play for the remaining positions.

The Fry Tournament honors five Fry brothers who started golf programs in Alameda and at Lake Chabot. In 1929, Earl Fry started the Alameda Women’s Golf Club and his brother, Dick, was instrumental in starting the Sunward Club at Lake Chabot. Earl donated silver trophies to the Alameda Club in 1930 for the first Fry Tournament. Those trophies are still awarded today to the winners in each flight.

The tournament was played at the Metropolitan Golf Course in Oakland.