School Sports Teams Up and Running

School Sports Teams Up and Running

After nearly a year-long suspension, Alameda Unified School District’s (AUSD) high school sports have been coming back on line as of March 1. Swimming and diving, track and field, girls tennis, boys and girls golf, baseball, softball, cheer and football have all begun their official seasons.

Badminton singles is tentatively set to begin Monday, April 12; Badminton doubles, boys and girls water polo, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls volleyball, and boys and girls basketball are set to begin Monday, April 19. Volleyball and basketball may need to begin their seasons outdoors and continue outdoors until AUSD and West Alameda County Conference (WACC) receive guidance on how to safely conduct those sports indoors.

AUSD does not control when athletics open or the season and competition dates. In addition to state and county health agencies, the season start and end dates for AUSD teams’ practices and competitions are set by WACC, which is made up of 12 member schools and eight different governing bodies.

Alameda Education Foundation, which manages AUSD’s middle-school sports program, is offering an in-person cross-country running club and a site-based track & field program this spring for sixth- to eighth-grade students who are currently enrolled in AUSD or Alameda public charter schools. The cross-country season began March 8 and ends today.

The middle school track and field program will begin in late April or early May.

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