The Sun joins the community in congratulating them

Part 2. Due to a misunderstanding, not all the Alameda High School graduates were listed in the Sun’s special edition on June 18. We are very sorry this happened. The missing graduates are listed below.

Leo Adams, Mohammad Elhan Alam, Zachary Albers, Miranda Allen Anderson, Ezzaddin Altareb, Jennifer Alvarez, Joshua Alvarez, Alani Alves, Chloe Amaden, Zachary Aman, Sindhu Ananthavel, Jonathan Andrews, Kyles Arndt, Ashot Avanesyan, Jayda Aviles.

A, B
Isabel Guadalupe Acosta, Miriam Herrera Alcantara, Gilburt Joshua Alcontin, Ahmed Abdulreheem Aljunaidi, Turkey (Adam) Alsharabi, Calvin Levele Armstrong, Justin Matteo Asti, Emerald Renee Banks, Rafael James Phinney Baskette, Kobe Michael Boulware, Lonzo Brandon Brown, Wyatt Michael Byroads. 

Unfortunately the Alameda Sun was not able to obtain a list of the Alameda Community Learning Center’s (ACLC) list of graduates by press time. The Sun is looking forward to publishing the names of the ACLC grads in a future issue. In the meantime, Cooper Boyle (right) represents his fellow graduates. He will be attending the University of California at Santa Cruz. 

The Diversity Committee at Alameda High School interviewed Professor Arthur Shostak (right) for Jewish American Heritage Month in May. Shostak, a member of the Jewish Roundtable for Alameda Unified School District, spoke about his experiences, passion for education and how to best teach and celebrate Jewish American history in school. Readers may view the full interview at

Local ice cream shop, Tucker’s Supercreamed Ice Cream — famous for creating one-of-a-kind homemade flavors for special occasions — has announced a contest for its latest flavor open solely to the Class of 2020. All 2020 graduates are invited to help create the historic taste by submitting the flavor’s name and ingredients to with the subject line “Class of 2020 Flavor.”

Submission must be sent by 5 p.m., Tuesday, June 2.