Senior Artists to Exhibit at Mastick

George B. Humphreys works on a watercolor in the Mastick drawing and painting class.

Senior Artists to Exhibit at Mastick

Sun Staff Reports

Opportunities for the 50-plus community abound at Mastick Senior Center to further their creative skills. Mastick holds stained glass, creative writing, drawing, painting, ceramics, quilting, beaded jewelry design, graphic arts and other classes.

Artists from these classes will display their works in the center’s lobby starting Wednesday, Feb. 12, when a reception will be held from 11 a.m. to noon.

Mastick’s Multimedia Art Exhibit runs through June 11 and is open to the public. The Mastick Senior Center Advisory Board hosts the event.

Membership at Mastick is free. Students pay for their class supplies and there are reasonable fees for instruction.

Mastick Senior Center is located at 1155 Santa Clara Ave. between Bay and St. Charles streets.

For more information or to register for art classes, call 747-7500.