Seniors Can Still Catch a Break on Parcel Tax

Seniors Can Still Catch a Break on Parcel Tax

Measure A, an increase in property taxes designated to improve funding for Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) teachers, passed during the last election. The people who wrote Measure A were concerned that seniors living on fixed incomes and people with disabilities would not be able to afford an additional tax, so they received exemptions from payment. 

This exemption is not automatic. Homeowners who qualify have to apply for the exemption. The application has to be mailed to SGI Associates, the administrator for the exemption, no later than Tuesday, June 30. Learn more on AUSD’s website at

Some homeowners have been mailed exemption forms, but not all. I called SGI Associates in Fairfield and asked the person who answered the phone how the names of people who were mailed forms were chosen. He was not able to explain this. 

The procedure to obtain an exemption is as follows:

  • Qualifications for exemption: In order to qualify, a homeowner has to (a) turn age 65 before June 30 or qualify for SSI before that date and (b) occupy the home as their primary residence. The text of the ballot measure says, “one or more” residents of the home must qualify. 

From the language of the ballot measure, it appears that either member of a couple would qualify, however, in other cases the couple may have added an adult child to the deed. In such cases, homeowners should contact SGI Associates at (844) 332-0549 to determine whether or not they qualify. Due to the pandemic, SGI is short staffed and only available during limited hours. When in doubt, call a lawyer.

  • Getting an application: Applications may be downloaded from, picked up at 2060 Challenger Drive or obtained by calling (844) 332-0549. 
  • Filling out the form: The form is one page. Make sure to  check both B1 and A for maximum tax relief and date the form. The assessor’s parcel number can be found on your tax bill, most deeds or the assessor’s website at
  • Verification Documents: Applicants will need to attach copies of documents verifying ownership of the property, residence and age or disability. 

It is important to act now, remember to get your letter in the mail by June 30.