SJND Students Raise Funds for Ukraine

SJND--Students sold snacks to aid children affected by the Russia-Ukraine war.

SJND Students Raise Funds for Ukraine

St. Joseph Notre Dame (SJND) students raised $425 to aid children affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday, March 2. The fundraiser was organized by SJND’s WE Club.

WE Club President Sarah Lisanti said her group wanted to help after watching the atrocities in Ukraine on the news.

“We felt a sense of helplessness because the crisis is occurring so far away,” said Lisanti. “So, the fundraiser originated out of a sense of ‘What can we do?’ and ‘How can we help?’”

WE Club members sold snacks in the school’s courtyard during lunchtime. The proceeds were donated to UNICEF.

“I knew that WE Club had the ability to organize a fundraiser, so I reached out to the officers to see if it was something that we could logistically pull off,” said Lisanti. “Our team met the next day to organize and plan the fundraiser. It came together incredibly quickly because we were all passionate about the cause and understood the timeliness of the matter.”

UNICEF is working to support and protect the children of Ukraine during the war by attending to their physical and spiritual needs. The organization is providing safe drinking water, healthcare, and emergency hygiene supplies, along with education and psychological support to the children of Ukraine.

WE Club’s mission is to promote awareness and compassion towards issues both locally and globally and to create service opportunities on campus. Club members identify social issues, explore solutions and reflect on their experiences. Through participation in WE Club, students adopt active roles of servant leadership.

Additionally, as a Catholic school the fundraiser allowed students to participate in one of the three pillars of Lent, Almsgiving, and to explore their relationship with and obligation to the global community. Almsgiving is the practice of giving money or food to the less fortunate or performing other acts of charity.

SJND theology teacher Sherry Scott is WE Club’s advisor.

Worldwide humanitarian efforts have begun to help Ukrainian citizens affected by the Russian invasion. UNICEF members are on the ground in Ukraine supporting the country’s 7.5 million children. To donate to UNICEF’s effort, visit