Students Decide on How to Use Land

Students Decide on How to Use Land

Public invited to see how students would use one plot

The public is invited to the Wood Middle School (WMS) multi-purpose room at 420 Grand St., on Wednesday, Feb. 6, from 2:15 to 3 p.m. for a walk through a gallery of projects by student engineers. WMS students created Plot of Land, a showcase of what students would build to benefit Alameda if they were given a 900-square-foot plot of land. This event is free and open to the public.

The project was devised after WMS sixth-graders visited The Disney Museum in San Francisco last October. Students were enthralled with the models that Walt Disney built, including planning replicas of Disneyland and iterations of Mickey Mouse. Math teacher Kasey Brown came up with the idea to leverage student interest along with incorporating the rich math concepts that would be naturally embedded in such a project.

Students are using many 21st-century skills on this project, such as collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Real-life math connections are being practiced and learned, including: ratio, scale factor, estimation, measurement, geometry and problem solving.  Students worked in groups to come up with interesting ideas that show that students care about their community, such as creating a drop-in space for the homeless, an animal shelter to support overflow from Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter and an outdoor garden and mural space to highlight local student and adult artists. 

Wood Middle School is a science, technology, engineering, arts integration, math or STEAM school that incorporates Studio Habits of Mind (SHOM), which helps students to be reflective about their work. SHOM categories include: Engage and Persist, Envision, Develop, Craft and more. This project highlights the benefits of an integrated learning approach. 

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