Today is Your Last Day to Make a Difference

Today is Your Last Day to Make a Difference

This being the last day of the year, you have this final chance to make a difference in your community. Thoughts of who or what to support with end-of-year contributions often range the gamut of international causes: the environment, health, human rights, poverty, even the arts. 

Those national causes are great, but just to remind those who might be making last-minute donations as tax write-offs today, consider your local non-profit agency alongside any larger agencies.

Groups like Alameda Meals on Wheels and the Alameda Food Bank help combat hunger in our very own community. Alameda’s Midway Shelter provides housing access for women and children in need. Don’t forget you can join or make donations to groups like the Alameda Rotary or Kiwanis Club of Alameda that will be disbursed to many other groups. 

Girls Inc. of the Island City and the Alameda Boys & Girls Club are storied local organizations that benefit our young people.

If the arts are your thing, you might think about a donation to Rhythmix Cultural Works or the Frank Bette Center for the Arts, or any one of Alameda’s museums: The Naval Air Museum, The USS Hornet Museum, The Pacific Pinball Museum or the general-history Alameda Museum. 

Local environmental groups like the Audubon Society and Sierra Club do keep an eye on Alameda’s issues, especially at Alameda Point.

All these organizations maintain websites with more information on how to support them. 

Please don’t forget that local non-profit organizations play essential roles in the Alameda community.