A Tribute to Tova

A Tribute to Tova

My beautiful Tova would have turned 18 this November. She was my perpetually smiling, white, fluffy, 12-pound American Eskimo. She died in her sleep last September while I was away in Europe. I was not able to spend the week with her before she died and I was not able to say goodbye.

Tova was a loving member of our family. She was with us for over half the time that I have been married. She and I were special buddies. She followed me everywhere. She always stood at the bottom of the stairs and waited for me to come down. 

The only time she didn’t smile was when we had suitcases in the front room and she knew that we were leaving to go away for awhile. Her smile would literally turn upside down, and it was heartbreaking to leave her. I am sure that Tova always knew I would return every time I went away, and she would greet me at the door with a big smile when I came back. This last time I had no idea that I would never see her again.

As Tova grew older, she became deaf and could barely see. Her most problematic infirmity that came with old age was her arthritis, that made it difficult for her to get up and walk. We put rubber rug liners all over the house to make it easier for her to maneuver herself around our home. We had to carry her up and down the stairs. She had comfortable beds all over the house, so that she could always have a place to lie down. However, none of her physical problems ever broke her spirit. She was just happy to be with us. 

When she was young, we would play a game in which she would race across the floor and, slide into us. Then we would do it again from the other direction. She would do this over and over until she became exhausted. 

We would take her to the Art and Wine Festival with her tie-dyed sun visor on to protect her pink skin from the sun. People would come up to tell us how adorable she looked, and her tail would wag with all the attention. 

She and I would dance together in the kitchen, mainly to 1950s and ’60s music, with me holding her in my arms.

No matter where I was in the house, she was always there. Even when it became difficult for her to get up, she would still follow me to the next room.

Now with Tova gone, her presence is constantly missed. I still cry when I think of her, when something reminds me of her. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when that family member loved you unconditionally.

Rest in peace Tova! I will always love and miss you!

— Your best friend, 




I lost my LALA last year. I hurt so badly. There is love after loss. I found it with my HOLLY.