Tube Retrofit, Maintenance Will Result in Improved Walkways

Jeannie Rodriguez  New guardrails along the left side of the Posey Tube are a part of retrofit and maintenance work underway.

Tube Retrofit, Maintenance Will Result in Improved Walkways


The guardrails in the Posey Tube have been replaced as part of an overall retrofit and maintainence of both tunnels between Alameda and Oakland. Along with guardrails, the sidewalk will be repaired, loose concrete removed and replaced and corrosion cleaned and painted.

This new railing will be very similar in appearance to the original railing, but will have tensioned cables added to meet current safety standards and placed flush with the edge of the sidewalk. Similar improvements are planned for the Webster Tube.

According to the city, all work will conform to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Also on tap for the tubes are: installation of new lighting and closed circuit television cameras, electrical work, rehabilitation of the buildings’ exteriors and interiors and installation of new signs.

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