Webster Street Resurrected

Spider-Man was spotted Saturday on Webster Street, personally delivering the Alameda Sun to readers, practicing social distancing by using his web shooters to give out copies, and encouraging the use of masks. “I’ve been wearing a mask since 1963, and all of a sudden it’s a thing.”

Webster Street Resurrected

“I never thought I’d need so many people.” — David Bowie

For months I have walked the streets of the West End alone, feeling like Will Smith in I Am Legend, Charlton Heston in the Omega Man, or Vincent Price in The Last Man on Earth (the geeks out there reading this will know that they are all based on the same book by masterful Mr. Matheson).

As a well-known Webster Street fixture of 15 years, it was with great relief that I was finally able to return to some places “where everybody knows your name” over the weekend, especially the 1400 Bar & Grill, where the patio is now open. 

It was inspiring to see some faces I hadn’t seen in months, even if they were partially covered. It was a heavy reminder of what we’ve all lost the last few months — community. I was also grateful for the bottomless mimosas. I know it’s not drinking alone if it’s just you and the rabbit, but there’s nothing to talk about. Nothing but nonsense about hay and carrots. 

Many reading this may know me as the cartoonist sitting near the door on Saturday and Sunday Mornings, feverishly drawing comics then taking breaks to quote lines from GoodFellas and Apocalypse Now with a retired postman whose name shall go unpublished. 

Without places like this where would I get my ideas? I was proud to see Yanni Placourakis back in action doing what he seems born to do, taking care of people and providing a colorful environment for people to come together.

There are too many places in and around Webster to mention — they all deserve our love, dollars, and attention. But on a personal note, go buy a comic book from Patti over at Alameda Sports Cards and Comics, buy a bottle from Sandy at the Fireside, buy some meat at Jazeera, get your pizza from Alameda Pizza instead of some chain operation, order your subs from Santoro’s.

You’ll be able to see what’s new with Marie at The Feathered Outlaw, get a margarita over at Otaez,  and if you’re at Grocery Outlet, wait in the last checkout line to talk to Maggie — even if her line is long, It’s worth the wait. She’ll make your day.

As a lifelong loner, I now regret the errors of my solitary ways. Webster is home. I love you all and I’m glad to see you all again.