What’s Happening on the West End?

What’s Happening on the West End?

As the owner and master stylist of Hair Tech Salon on Webster street, I, Katie Andersen, am looking forward to and preparing for, the future of our beloved beauty industry. Through these difficult past months, I have been educating myself and my colleagues on just how to move forward into a new way of how we run our businesses. We, as licensed cosmetologists and barbers are trained in cleanliness and sterilization. I went online and got the BARBICIDE COVID-19 Certification. It is an exam that you can take to refresh your sterilization system and there are a few new guidelines to follow that are important to know. I encourage everyone in our industry to get certified!

As we move into the “new normal,” it’s imperative to be prepared so we can do what we love and keep our community safe and beautiful! As a former executive member of WABA, I would like to thank the WABA team of amazing women who have been there for us all during these times. Love to all of Alameda. Hair Tech is looking forward to seeing you soon!


Cobo here. As this column comes to an end, my brother, Pepe the Postman, wanted to make sure Monica from Wescafe got a special mention to let her and everyone in Alameda know how great she and the place is. He swears by the juevos rancheros. I heard the coffee is the best on the block, but personally, being awake is kind of frightening these days.

Stay tuned for some announcements from my friends at India Palace about their new patio dining. I heard Sandy at Fireside teamed up with Victor & Alan from Calafia for outside seating in the parking lot next door. I never got those margaritas with Maggie from Grocery Outlet for this column, but we’re still on anyway if they ever let me out of here. Go visit her and my new friend Laticia and the rest of the nice crew over there.

Special thanks to whoever left the turntable at the corner of Fifth & Pacific and to Old Man Ben Bussell for introducing me to The Alameda Sun.

Juan Cobo can be found nightly at Otaez performing standup comedy to a crowd of none.