Whole Bunch of Paving Projects in the Works

Annual street maintenance will get under way soon, along with a repair project along Otis Drive and Pacific Avenue. Both projects will begin this month and is estimated to be completed by late October. Construction will take place Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Repairs will take place in several phases, and not all on the same day. During construction, motorists will experience minor disruptions in traffic, temporary loss of parking spaces, temporary restricted street access, as well as an increase in noise and dust levels. Bus stop access will be maintained throughout the project.  

The contractor will post ‘No Parking’ signs 72 hours in advance of the planned work to inform residents regarding construction dates and parking restrictions.

Red curb may also be painted at intersections along Broadway, Grand, Park Street and Santa Clara. Alameda City Council has directed staff to prioritize safety at arterial intersections by prohibiting parking in the vicinity. 

Asphalt concrete work

  • Adams Street from Bishop Street to High Street
  • Broadway from Shore Line Drive to Otis Drive
  • Broadway from Buena Vista Avenue to Blanding Avenue
  • Grand Street from Buena Vista to Fortmann Way
  • La Jolla Drive
  • Oak Street from Santa Clara Avenue to Blanding
  • Park Avenue from Roosevelt Drive to Otis
  • Park Street from Shore Line Drive to Otis
  • Park Street from Santa Clara to Buena Vista
  • Pearl Street from Evelyn Court to Otis
  • Roosevelt Drive from its west end to Regent Street
  • San Antonio Avenue from Chestnut Street to Park Street
  • Versailles Avenue from its south end to Otis

Crack sealing 

  • Marina Drive from Versailles to High
  • Santa Clara from Grand to Versailles
  • Versailles from Buena Vista to Marina Boulevard.

These projects were primarily funded by Alameda County Measures B and BB, the Vehicle Registration Fund and SB1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.  

Other specific repairs
The City of Alameda was awarded One Bay Area Grant funding for street repairs to Otis from Park Street to Broadway and Pacific Avenue from Main Street to Fourth Street. The project will use asphalt concrete overlays.

Questions or information about these projects? Contact Trung Nguyen at 747-7900.