Women Golfers Hold Ham Shoot for Easter

Women Golfers Hold Ham Shoot for Easter

The ladies of the Alameda Women’s Golf Club (AWGC) decided to play a Ham Shoot-style tournament on the Jack Clark Course last Thursday, April 17. 

The Ham Shoot-style makes the competition that much more intriguing because it pits the participants’ best performance against one another. Each player’s score indicates the results of playing 18 holes as they normally play, then throwing out the scores of each player’s three worst holes. Then the handicap of each golfer is factored in to get a final tally.

Stephanie Bellato won the first flight —  handicap of nine to 22 — with an adjusted 54. She fought off the likes of Fran Mori (adjusted 55), Cheryl Saxton (adjusted 56) and Tai Chewpanich and Dot Moody, who both shot an adjusted 57, to win the flight. Jackie Suh won the second flight — handicap of 23 to 28 —  with an adjusted 51. Dee Dee Appleton shot an adjusted 52, while Carole Evans came in third place in the flight with an adjusted 54. Five golfers (Debbie Adams, Barbara Mickle, Juanita Solano, Madeline Sally and Sarah Valentine) scored an adjusted 55 in the flight to tie for fourth place.

Diane Hughes controlled the third flight — handicap of 29 to 32 —  with an adjusted 49. Hughes fended off the likes of Wilda More and Kay Park, who both shot an adjusted 52 for second place in the flight. Pat O’ Hara shot an adjusted 53 for fourth place, while three players (Jean Cho, Pat Newkirk and Marty Stitzle) each shot an adjusted 56. Pam Curtis ended the tournament as the fourth-flight winner. Curtis shot an adjusted 51. She beat out Nadine Barbera (adjusted 52), Ethel Lerche (adjusted 53) and Bev Blatt (adjusted 56). The fourth flight had a handicap of 33 to 40.

Sarah Valentine won the closest-to-the-hole competition on the seventh hole by driving her ball 26’ 1” from the pin. Dot Moody won the competition on the 16th hole by driving her ball 7’ 11” from the hole. Thirty-five golfers participated in the event. This was the last AWGC event on the Jack Clark Course in 2014 as renovations will move the remaining 2014 events to the Fry Course or the Mif Albright Course.