Women March to Unseat President

Photos by Dennis Evanosky.      A group of young women from Girls Inc. of the Island City joined the Women’s March held last Saturday from coast to coast. Alamedans marched to express their displeasure with President Donald Trump and his party’s stance on abortion.

Women March to Unseat President

Alamedans participated locally in a nationwide demonstration last Saturday intended to send a message of disapproval to U.S. President Donald Trump. Following in the pattern of the Women’s March held in 2017, the women aimed to send “a resounding message that we reject President Donald Trump. In Washington D.C., there will be targeted, direct actions where some of us will put our bodies on the line.”

In Alameda, women gathered in the Safeway parking lot on Bay Farm Island, marched down Island Drive, continued across the Bay Farm Island Bridge and then across the Main Island to South Shore Center where they dispersed. Alameda resident Felicia Roche organized the local protest. 

“We had a strong turn out of 140,” stated Roche in an email. “The march was led by a 90-year-old woman who happened upon us at the Safeway Parking lot. Many joined in as they saw us marching. It was a great day with so much community spirit.”

According to the Women’s March organizers, the event marked “the next step to reverse the attacks against our bodies and our rights.”

The march originated on Bay Farm Island and crossed the bridge to the Main Island.