Valerie Toll Broadbent

Valerie Broadbent (a.k.a. Bubbles), 95, passed away of natural causes on Jan. 18, 2019. Valerie is survived by three sons, seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Valerie moved to Alameda when she was widowed with the passing of her husband, Gerald F. Broadbent, in 1995, after their marriage of 52 years.

Valerie requested a small family memorial gathering and in lieu of a detailed obituary, she asked that the poem at right be shared in her memory.

The New ‘Gal’ in Town
Valerie Broadbent
It was 1999 when I found this special place
with tree-lined streets and Victorians of grace.

I’d never seen so many: each a treasure
with stained-glass windows for everyone’s pleasure.

Alameda won me over, and I knew I’d stay
in this charming island city by the bay.

As soon as I was settled and had more time to explore
I became enchanted, as I uncovered more.

My curiosity grew about Alameda’s history
but our local museum helped solve the mystery.

Its old photos enlightened me greatly
when historians showed homes standing stately.

Some were built a hundred years ago or more,
and they held the keys which unlocked the door 
revealing interiors of quality construction 
lovingly restored and saved from destruction.

Enjoying these homes by the bay
is just one of the reasons I plan to stay.