Alameda Backyard Growers

Wreath making — fun all year-round!

Dec 09,2021

There are many ways to make attractive, decorative wreaths year-round. The variety of possible shapes, sizes, backings, decorations, and attachment methods allow for great creativity. Wreath making provides excellent opportunities to recycle and reuse man-made items and natural objects.

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Project Pick Aids Food Bank Despite Pandemic

Nov 12,2020

Like every other community organization in Alameda, Alameda Backyard Growers’ (ABG) Project Pick faced a dilemma when COVID-19 shut down the Bay Area back in March. How could volunteers continue to meet in large groups to pick backyard fruit trees at several locations?

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Dena Anderson &nbsp&nbsp Gardeners can create their own shelter-in-place memories using vegetable grown in their own back yards.

Harvests: Past and Present

Sep 10,2020

Harvest. In our supermarket-surrounded and 24-hour mini-mart available lives, many of us have lost the concept of what this word once meant. My grandfather, however, was thrilled when as a teenager a century ago he and his brother worked with a crew on a gas-powered hay baler.

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Birgitt Evans &nbsp&nbsp Locals can make use of the seeds at the Alameda Backyard Growers’ seed library on San Jose Avenue. Available seeds include Glass-gem popcorn, Straight-Eight cucumbers and collards.

Free Seed Library Comes to the Island City

Aug 13,2020

Alameda Backyard Growers (ABG) was founded 10 years ago by Amanda MacLean Bruemmer and Janice Edwards in response to the economic meltdown as a way to build community, learn about growing food and give back to those in the community in need.

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Kristen Smeal &nbsp&nbsp Companion plants thrive in St. Philip Neri garden.

Companion Planting: Good Neighbors/Bad Neighbors

Jul 09,2020

Just like humans, plants have friends and foes and can thrive or fail when planted in close proximity to one another. By definition, planting one or more types of plants together in a beneficial relationship is called companion planting.

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Brigitt Evans &nbsp&nbsp Resources for drip irrigation systems can be found at Urban Farmer at, or ordered online from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply at

Save Water With an Irrigation System

Jun 11,2020

As if there isn’t enough to worry about in 2020, the Bay Area is in the grip of another drought year, having received only 40 percent of the average annual rainfall. Wait! Don’t run away. There is actually something gardeners can do about this problem: Build a simple drip-irrigation system.

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Marla Koss &nbsp&nbsp On July 9, 2019, two grafts of a 4-in-1 pluot tree collapsed from the weight of the fruit, several weeks before it was mature enough to ripen off the tree. The branches (grafts) were repaired, but the fruit was lost. This year, the tree’s crop is very scant.

Thin Excess Fruit Now to Improve This Year’s Crop

May 14,2020

In a time of food insecurity, what could be more inviting than a tree covered in fruit? Then again, sometimes the gods can be too kind. Overly generous fruit loads have a way of breaking branches and yielding small, poor-quality fruit if not managed in a timely manner. 

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Courtesy photos &nbsp&nbsp Newly planted vegetable gardens, like the one above, have sprouted up all over.

Beginner’s Guide to Planting Victory Gardens

Apr 09,2020

In March 2010, Alameda Backyard Growers (ABG) held its first meeting. Formed in response to the financial crisis in 2008, we created educational programming and set up Project Pick to help our community grow and donate food.

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