Alameda Backyard Growers

Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp Desirable insects such as this monarch butterfly caterpillar, are especially susceptible to neonic pesticides. The substances are also toxic to birds.

Pesticide-Free Plants Best for Pollinator Gardens

Oct 10,2019

In response to the November 2018 New York Times article entitled “The Insect Apocalypse is Here,” which reported sharp declines in insect numbers, many gardeners set out to remedy the problem by planting bee- and butterfly-friendly gardens.

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Summer Gardening Wrap-up

Sep 12,2019

“Hey — how are your tomatoes doing this year?” Alamedans have probably used this question as a late-summer greeting since the advent of kitchen gardens in the 1870s.

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Lori Eanes &nbsp&nbsp Birgitt Evans demonstrates the delicate work of transplanting fall crops from the six packs where they germinate into larger containers or garden beds.

Keep Bounty Coming in Fall

Aug 08,2019

It’s August. The weather is warm and the kids are playing in the pool. So that makes this the perfect time to think about the fall garden, right? Right!

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Linda Carloni &nbsp&nbsp Mini-sprinklers are a great solution for starting seeds, especially when paired with a small soaker hose, both run off a drip line.

Covering Some Irrigation Basics

Jul 11,2019

Because Alameda has a summer-dry climate, the vast majority of plants grown here need extra water during the non-rainy months in order to survive. Even drought-tolerant plants like succulents likely need irrigation for their first summer or two. But when, how, how much and how often to water?

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Holly Johnson &nbsp&nbsp Berries just starting to come into season at the Bay-Eagle Community Garden.

Community Gardens Help Grow Communities

Jun 13,2019

Should developers be required to provide space and other necessities for community gardens in new projects? That is a question for cities to consider as neighborhoods of single-family residences give way to multi-family housing.  

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp The Alameda Backyard Growers’ Gleaning Crew is always looking for more volunteers and trees to pick.

Jillian Saxty

Mar 14,2019

Gleaning — an ancient practice that goes back to Biblical times — is not scavenging (to search for things that others have discarded), nor is it foraging (gathering foodstuffs from the wild). It is, in essence, gathering food that has been overlooked. The U.S.

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Another Chance to Participate in Project Tree

Feb 21,2019


Project Tree’s first Tree Care Workshop on Jan. 26 was quite the success. The Alameda Backyard Growers (ABG) reported 32 attendees received 28 coupons to purchase trees at local nurseries (one to a household). The coupons were underwritten by a donation from the Alameda Sun.

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp An artificial lawn adds none of the environmental benefits of turf grass and can lead to runoff problems.

Protect the Environment: Pass on Artificial Turf

Feb 14,2019

Artificial lawns — usually installed to save water and reduce yard maintenance — are popping up all across Alameda. Unfortunately, there are many serious environmental drawbacks to artificial turf, and they are not a good solution for Alameda.

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