Alameda Backyard Growers

Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp Once the seeds have germinated, the tomato plants need a strong light source. A shop light or fluorescent lamp will do the trick.

Starting Tomato Plants from Seed

Dec 13,2018

Though nurseries offer a great selection of tomato plants in the spring, anybody wanting to try an obscure variety will need to start ahead of time from seed — now is not too early to begin planning for indoor tomato seed sprouting.

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp This display from the Earth Day Festival in April clearly demonstrates just how much of a typical trip to the grocery store will end up being wasted. Alameda Backyard Growers has been striving to change this trend.

Garden Club on Mission to Reduce Food Waste

Aug 09,2018

Summer is an especially wonderful time to enjoy fresh produce. Tomatoes, green beans, peaches and berries all beckon us to enjoy them. 

But fresh produce spoils more quickly than other food. So summer is a good time to talk about preventing food from going to waste. 

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Alison Limoges &nbsp&nbsp The lack of a backyard doesn’t mean a garden is out of the question. Follow some simple guidelines to get a small-space garden going.

Gardening on Balconies or Small Spaces

May 10,2018

Although the city of Alameda and Bay Farm Island historically had considerable farm land, and still have some large yards, many of us live in multifamily units that, at best, have small patios or balconies.

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Photos by Marla Koss &nbsp&nbsp At left, the same branch of a peach tree photographed before (above) and after (below) culling of excess fruit. The process of culling excess fruit from a tree in spring prevents a fruit tree from overcommitting itself, broken branches from heavy fruit loads and biennial bearing, meaning producing fruit on alternate years.

Fruit Trees 101, Part Three: Spring Tasks

Apr 12,2018

As Alameda’s deciduous fruit trees have come out of dormancy, passers-by might be forgiven for having simply enjoyed the beauty of their blossoms, unaware of the dynamic little miracle advancing the tree’s true mission.

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp A 600-gallon water tank, shown here with bracing, can store water for when it becomes scarce and keep gardens alive during a drought.

Gardening in a Time of Drought

Mar 08,2018

The impending return of the drought presents challenges for Alameda gardeners. Fortunately, there are some ways to mitigate the impact, protect the soil and save water. Soil is key here.

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