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Courtesy photo Members of Saildrone prepare their craft on Ballena Bay. They hope to deploy Saildrones off the California coast later this year to study marine life and collect data.

Cutting Edge at the Point

Mar 27,2014

Engineers developing self-sailing drone technology in warehouse space

Mechanical engineers Richard Jenkins and Daryl Owens are crafting the future at Alameda Point. Their company Saildrone designs and builds drones — not those that fly above us, but those that can sustain themselves on the open sea and that are capable of carrying payloads as heavy as 220 pounds. The design of the company’s 19-foot-long, 7-foot-wide vessels allows these drones to sail in shallow waters and through marine debris, enabling them to go where ships cannot. 

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City of Alameda -- Council gave feedback to staff on which approach to use in offloading Reuse Area property at Alameda Point. The map at left shows the area discussed bounded in a dashed black line.

Council Favors Phased-Sell Strategy

Mar 14,2023

At its March 7 meeting, Alameda City Council provided feedback to staff regarding the numerous strategies for the future of the Reuse Area at Alameda Point. Council told staff that it favored the mixed/phased sale strategy for the buildings that occupy the Reuse Area.

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Photos by City of Alameda -- New roads will be constructed in segments.

Point Infrastructure Construction Underway Now

Mar 08,2023

New East Bay Municipal Utilities District water facilities and backbone infrastructure are being constructed in the Adaptative Reuse Area at Alameda Point, including new sewer, storm, joint trench, street lighting, landscaping, and new complete streets with 100 percent stormwater capture and bike

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More Public Art Pieces Decorate Alameda

Aug 25,2022

After the unveiling of the nearly 40-foot-tall steel art sculpture, Beken, at the Seaplane Lagoon Park at Alameda Point (“A Beacon of Art Rises at Seaplane Lagoon Park,” Aug. 10), more art pieces have been raised around the city.

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