Bay Area

Excessive Heat Watch for Labor Day Weekend

Sep 02,2022

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat watch beginning Saturday morning, Sept. 3, to Tuesday evening, Sept. 6. This increases the risk for heat-related illnesses, so take precaution during this time:
● Hydrate and dress for the heat
● Limit your time outdoors

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Canada Goose: A Big, Bold, Beautiful Bird

Jul 19,2022

The Canada Goose (Branta Canadensis) is a bird that many of us know well! Large-bodied with long, black necks and a white-and-black head, they have become common in many of our parks and grasslands. They are usually quite tolerant of humans.

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One Day on Mars

Sep 17,2020

Last Wednesday wildfires surrounding the Bay Area produced an unprecedented amount of smoke over the Bay Area.

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