When the Lights Go Out

Aug 25,2022

Ed and Bill are roommates and students who share an apartment on the West End. Their one-year lease just expired and their landlord, Henry, has been making comments about them moving out soon. However, they have no desire to leave, and they have told Henry that as well.

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Bad Romance

Jun 16,2022

Dakota has just moved into her new apartment. She came from another part of the island so she could be closer to her job. Her new landlord, Dale, is extremely nice. She notices almost immediately how attentive he is to her needs and concerns.

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A Conversation About Housing With Andrew Thomas

Jun 02,2022

Andrew Thomas, Director of building, planning, and transportation for the City of Alameda, will hold a discussion with Alameda residents at Almanac Beer Co. Thursday, June 23 at 5 p.m. Initially, the meeting was scheduled for June 9.

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Why is Alameda Making Plans to Add More Housing?

Apr 19,2022

The City of Alameda is planning for more housing because we are facing a crisis. There are Alamedans sleeping outside, in parks, and in tents. There are Alameda Unified School District students who live with their family in cars. There are older adults living on Alameda’s streets.

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Navy Housing Site Safe to Transfer

Nov 19,2015

The Navy recently decided that North Housing — a vacant residential area located between Alameda Point and Alameda Landing — is safe for transfer. The approval comes after the Navy stopped a program to clean groundwater at the site to drinking-water standards. 

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City Must Stimulate Affordable Housing

May 07,2015

Rising rents, housing prices and evictions throughout Alameda and the Bay area illustrate Paul Foreman’s point (“Rethink affordable housing in Alameda,” March 26) that “we have a long way to go to meet the affordable housing goal” the State set in Alameda’s 2015-2023 housing element.

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The Facts on Measure A

Jun 26,2014

In response to Eugenie Thompson’s op-ed piece (“City Must Follow Charter,” May 29), I feel compelled to correct some factual misunderstandings that some people may have missed.

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