park street


Construction to begin on two-block stretch of Park Street

With new construction on both sides of Park Street between Lincoln and Buena Vista avenues completed or planned, pedestrian safety in the corridor has become a priority for the city of Alameda.

Construction work was anticipated to begin this past Tuesday, to improve safety for those crossing Park Street. Recently approved commercial developments are expected to significantly increase the number of pedestrians using these crosswalks. 

Neighbors along Alameda Avenue between Park Street and Oak Street were handed a notice recently that their block will shut down Sunday, Dec. 13, for a commerical production. The street will be closed to vehicle traffic from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. that day. 
Parking in front of 2324 Alameda Ave. will be reserved for film crews and equipment the entire weekend from tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 11, to Monday, Dec. 14. 

Since at least 2000, with the city’s visioning process, the gateways to Alameda, particularly the one at the intersection of Park Street and Blanding Avenue, have been recognized as very important and deserving of special architectural treatment.

I shudder and shake my head in disbelief every time I drive by Buena Vista Avenue and Park Street and see the empty building on the intersection’s northeast corner. I remember the sudden rush to tear down the abandoned Queen Anne-style cottage that once stood at 2413 Buena Vista Ave. In its place stands a brand-new vacant building.

I remember the city looked the other way (at the beginning of its so-called Preservation Season) and allowed the Hoi Liang Phau Trust to demolish the cottage a little more than three years ago. 

On Tuesday, April 8, from 9 to 10 a.m. the Public Works Department will host a deep-cleaning demonstration on Park Street between Santa Clara and Central Avenue. Several contractors bidding for the cleaning contract will demonstrate their ability to remove years of built-up grime, gum and discoloration on sidewalks and trash cans.

The winner of the demonstration will be awarded the contract to deep clean both sides of Park Street from Encinal Avenue to Lincoln Avenue, scheduled to begin in May.